Music| @SoundsByNova “Move” (Prod. @producedbyKRS & @KINGBNJMN) Just Dropped



• The LA kid NOVA is back with yet another monthly release. He continues to throw music out like free throws, but this is a huge shot for him as he drops ‘MOVE‘. This classic dark indie rap that he has perfected shines on this KRS. & BNJMN produced beat. Now let’s take a second to acknowledge that anytime you have KRS and BNJMN on a track, well it’s a hit! Becoming more than just indie famous, Krs and BNJMN are both reaching industry recognized status and the boy NOVA is like a younger brother to these guys. Being real the title alone will secure 100k listens, but the content once again shows NOVA is proper with the pen.

Energized by a soft keyboard melody and sharp piccolo snare, this easy-listen track allows NOVA to tell his tale. Commenting about his planned take-over, series of struggles and the triumphs and displaying his wit-full word play makes ‘MOVE’ a strong add on to his amazing collection of tracks. The triangle offense approached utilized here is amazing and showcases the capabilities of this young generation of professional house-based producers.


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