Music| #FridayFinds @MatthewJMole “RUN” As Motivation Music Of The Day


• South African vocalist, Matthew J Mole is supplying a fresh glass of Fresh Air to any one willing to listen in his latest release “RUN“. This acoustic earworm meets a upbeat tempo and the in-pocket high pitches of Sir Matthew Mole’s vocal range while telling a surreal tale of sticking together through it all. We recently stumbled upon the talent most recently and naturally trolled his entire collection of music. Then we came across the music video that explains this infectious tune. Classic. The Bouwer Bosch Films video displays our friend Matthew kid-napping Matthew with plans to sabotage and experience the life of being Matthew. Long story short .. Matthew has to end up relaying on Matthew to perform, because he knows the truth … He needs Matthew (Message Love Yourself). Hope you got all that.

Genius visual and amazing music always makes for a great #FridayFinds and Matthew is a talent that we know to watch for. The uplifting message and upbeat tempo move you physically and emotionally.


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