Streams| New @SONDARMusic Releases “Ready” & 3 Reasons You Should Stream It Now

 • So if you have yet to check out any of our personal playlist, social media or site then you may not know but we have a deep love for country music, Memphis BBQ and anything Tennessee. Lately we have built a growing infatuation with a angelic duo of Nashville’s finest. SONDAR is not your grown Country/Folk singers but more on the Indie/Electro-Pop genre. Even though these ladies aren’t whaling to the slow strums of the acoustic guitar, these ladies maintain all the southern vocal charm as any belle we have heard before.

Previously, the duo froze ear waves with their fan favorite debut single ‘Singlewave‘ which captured the hearts of many and interest of a few major labels. Singlewave was more enchanting as it held a subtle tempo but allowed the ladies to exercise their vocal muscles. A sudden pop in energy is what made the song so infectious, but their latest single “Ready” displays the sound we should all begin to embrace. The organic relationship that these ladies share over a vibrant production is unreal. This uplifting track makes great use of garage drums and electric keyboards.

3 Reasons To Stream SONDAR’s ‘Ready’

  1. The Song released TODAY! Be The First To Have It So When You Go Out Tonight You Have The Newest Released Track That Will Set The Mood.
  2. It’s Today’s Stream Track Of The Day for us At GoodGarbs
  3. SONDAR is one of the fastest growing duo’s from Nashville … Just a random Fact. NOW GO STREAM

We have been growing a strong with these Tennessee songstress’ and feel we will have more exclusive music, interviews and updates for you. Meanwhile go stream “Ready” on Itunes and Apple Music now.



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