Music| @DutchBoyAGE Snaps On “Moment” prod. @SoundsByNOVA


• Jersey maintains the public ear’s interest with mind grasping productions and resonating lyrics, and one of the leaders of this style is young DutchBoy. With industry woos early in his race, Dutch displays that nothing can slow Dutch down. Well besides the advantageous hook changes featured by Nova when he’s on production. The two team up yet again for what seems to be a momentous release that adds to his momentum (#Wordplay).  Dubbed “Moment“, Dutch makes it clear that his time is at hand and with plans for an upcoming release, the young man might be right. A confident tone drives the entire track but the laid back LA production stays with you in this declaration record. Relaying his message, Dutch reverts to his trust in Nova to choreograph the best delivery.

As listeners to music we appreciate their detail to dope engineering and need to use metaphors in their lyrics. We see a future for both these #Under25 class of artistic leaders and Dutch is representing Jersey in the perfect way. We are expecting a project from both artist before the year is out and look forward to what they will release.


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