Music| #NewMusicMondays feat. @DutchboyAGE & @SoundsByNova w/ #FreeSauce


Dutchboy & Nova have influenced a lot more then some are willing to admit, but their newest release is just proof of their sound and wave. Nova quietly has managed to acquire a few plaques with hit production on albums of artist like 6lack, Smokepurpp and others. Nova’s clout continues to climb while Dutchboy maintains his momentuem from his debut release ‘When I’m Not Around‘. Together this would stand as their duo debut release but true fans know these two have been at it since 2009.

#FREESAUCE encapselates the journey thus far that is Dutchbot & Nova from the two internet friends in their early stages, to stand-alone musical influencers who when fused together architects musical hits like “West Ting“, “Moments” and many more. 16 methodically designed records tell a tale of growth, experience and indifference to the BS. Appealing to all your musical senses, the tape gives you a bundle of vibes to discover which sits best with you. We Guarantee One WILL Stick!


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