Music| Tune Into The Trap To Trance Record “I Just” by @16yroid + @SoundsByNova

• Determined to make it evident that 2016 is fruitful, young artist are not hesitating in releasing hit records, and we are specifically speaking about the astronautic sounds of Cali based producer/rapper/writer Nova and youthful producer/engineer 16 yr old. Newest release “Just I” features the trap/trance trending production meshed with Nova lyrically rioting over the 808 heavy trap first half of this duel-vibe record and coast smoothly on the trance styled final portion. The production & awe-inspiring engineering makes rewinding that much easier.

Just I, may easily become the mantra of 2016 as the track nor the artist stutter-steps or hesitates at delivering. Nova’s pen takes full advantage of this 16 yr old beat and has all potential to rally some rebelled youth to build and destroy all in one track. 16 yr old makes the musical transition almost transparent by utilizing the same melody but dropping the tempo down a few clicks. Trap to Trance is a trend that many attempt but few polish as finely as these two production juggernauts. With 2016 just a day away, the expectation for what to expect from these underage pros is uncanny. We will do what we do best, keep you posted!


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