Lifestyle| @MBandF Announce New Versions Of The Jellyfish-Inspired Aquapod


The video above best details the intricate architechture, aquatic influence and timeless technique in design behind the Swiss-luxury watch brand MB&F. Showcasing their new TI Green Aquapod, the renown wrist-wear brand has yet again wow’d veiwers with their avant-garde watch-design approach. According to the brand’s CEO Maximilian Büsser, the HM7 Aquapod design’s influence stems from vacations he would take during his early childhood. A tinje of this is noted in the  radical, three-dimensional design.

Specifics with this design include the grade-5 titanium construction which is powered by the 303-piece movement which features a central 60-second flying tourbillon equipped with a 72-hour power reserve. Further details show two rotating titanium discs for telling time centered between a left & right crown; one for winding and one for setting the time. Not stopping at just the technical end, this watch also features Super-LumiNova, meant to allow the watch to glow in the dark even under water.

Per usual, MB&F is extremely limited (set to 50 pieces) and priced luxury-fair at $108,000 USD.

Enjoy More View’s Of MB&F’s Aquapod Below!


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