Lifestyle| Let’s Talk About @VirgilAbloh x @IKEAUK New Collaboration


Virgil Abloh has been maintaining creative momentuem as he continues to collaborate with today’s leading brands. From Nike to Louis Vuitton, Abloh has managed to become a house hold name through his participation in brand building. As this journey moves forward, Virgil seems to be saying yes to more and more opportunities. His latest collaborated efforts are with Swedish furniture retailers IKEA.

Dubbed ‘MARKERAD‘, the collaboration features a series of pieces featuring Abloh’s signature Off-White™ designed products, including quotations, product coding, catalog dating, and more. This offering showcases plenty of opportunity for Virgil’s creativity to flow flawlessly. Creative additions also included items like a hand-shaved “BLUE” rug/art-piece contrasts with its playful red color, while the Persian-style woven stating “KEEP OFF” again strikes on the irony of home furnishings. Virgil froliced with prototypes such as a triangular doorstop, meant to accomapny Abloh designed chairs meant to add to aesthetic as well as be a multi-purpose design. Apart of display that is visually gratifying for all sneaker heads was the Virgil Abloh x Nike Air Presto collaborations in both black and white colorways inside exclusive glass door cabinet units.

All the designs are labeled as ‘Prototype’ as Virgil as announced he is awaiting feedback to start official production.

More Of The Virgil Abloh x IKEA Prototype Below!


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