Fashion| @AimeLeonDore Showcase Pieces From New S/S ’18 Series At A 3 on 3


Aime Leon Dore takes pride in hailing from the Big Apple and pays homage every chance they get. Utilizing the New York landscape for the mass majority of their promotionals, for this release, Aime Leon Dore decided to host a live 3 on 3 tournament at a local black top in China Town. The teams all featured pieces from Aime’s latest summer sports series. A short range of reversible jerseys, basketball shorts, hoodies and t-shirts were the main focus.

The 3 on 3 challenge was a perfect opportunity to include the NY community and also capture some great shots of the new line. The series highlighted the signature SONNY New York reversible jerseys in both black and white, accompanied with matching SONNY NY mesh shorts. As games played out, along the side-lines were players rocking the SONNY NY hoodie’s and long-sleeved SONNY Tee in a full white layout and centered is the brand’s New York apple basketball logo. A day filled with great energy, positive vibes and dope designs. The sports-inspired Aime Leon Dore S/S 18 collection is now available at their site.

View The Full 3 On 3 Tournament Featuring Aime Leon Dore S/S 18 Series Below!


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