Design| El Humendal Enviromental Research Space Fuses Humans & Nature Closer


The thorough minds at TAAR architects have managed to turn a research facility into a lavish venue comfortable for the work at hand. TAAR – which stands for Taller de Arquitectura de Alto Rendimiento – teams with El Humendal to designs a nature friendly environmental research space in Mexico. El Humendal facility aims to analysis & document everything from the edible forest and the ecosystem in general.

The lab maintains their mantra of “no-waste” and “net-zero“, two ploicies in place that are meant to keep the facility fully reliant on it’s own resources. El Humendal has a fully constructed wetland, organic orchard, edible forest, and has proven able to harvest 130,000 litres of rain water for internal use, while also treating sewage water through treatment plants. Electric generation is provided by the venue’s thermos-solar panels and photovoltaic panels.

Underneath Are More Views Of The El Humendal Research Space!


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