Design| @Sight_Unseen Teams With @AIMEESONG, @SethRogan & More On Furniture Series

Read Up On The Art Release Below!


Hailing from New York City is design magazine Sight Unseen which recently reached out to a handful of famous faces such as actors Seth Rogen, Jason Schwartzman along with stylist Mel Ottenberg and many others. The goal was to unite these renown individuals with design studios to collaborate on inetrior design pieces. 13 studios matched with 13 influential minds ended up being a great idea and produced several new furniture pieces.

The most noticed pieces in the collection happen to include a multicolor beach-ball style mirrior which was designed by Seth Rogen & Brooklyn design studio Bower. Jason Schwartzman was teamed with LA studio Wall Of Apricots for their presented pastel-colored pianet. Mel Ottenberg produce a series of 3 quilts with the help of architect Rafael de Cárdenas, meanwhile a capsule of aluminium candle stick holders are offered up by Angel Olsen and Drew Sestinas from The Principals. Renow blogger Aimee Song has curated a attention grasping hairy ottoman stool.

The most significant part of each one of these pieces is that the proceeds from the collection will go back to charities chosen by each partnership.

View The Entire Collection by Sight Unseen Above!

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