Music| @RU_AREYOU Not Missing A Beat This Summer W/ #June2k18 Daily Releases


Our good friend RU_AreYou is a production guru who continues to keep his sound and style relevent. Taking each day, one at a time, RU has begun to design a beat per day since the beginning of June. His series is cleverly named ‘June2k18‘ playing on the EA Sports basketball concept, but RU is bring a different game to the table. Masterfully, RU takes beats, features and just some simple ideas and delivers something for fans daily.

As nusic lovers, we think this kind of content marketing is pure genius. Allowing fans in your creative space is the best way to build that cult-like following most creatves rely on today. RU is doing exactly what is needed to build this kind of following while making music for us to indulge in. His 2017 project ‘XY’ EP was an attention grasping project that has lead us to continue to support the talent that is RU AreYou.

Take A Listen To RU AreYou’s #June2k18 Tracks So Far Below!

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