Lifestyle| Our Top #Juneteenth Events: Feat. @YesJulz & @070Shake #070Day, #afrohaus & many more.


Juneteenth is a Historical National Holiday that represents what some call Freedom Day, which marks the historic ate of June 19th, 1865 when the announcement of slavery abolition in the U.S States. The holiday has become a great marker to remember how far we have come from the times of enslavement but also the perfect time and weather for a great event for community building, networking and sharing positive vibes.

Juneteenth 2018 has not fallen short on supplying these celebratory vibes as major taste-makers and artist have joined together to give back and enjoy the day. One of the leading events we are excited to attend is the Community based day event in Bergen County New Jersey. G.O.O.D Music artist 070 Shake returns home today to celebrate community, music and give back to those in need. titled ‘070Day‘, Shake teams with her bestfriend and manager YesJulz to bring the kids of North Bergen out for food, music and give-a-ways. With the most recent news of artist XXXtention passing, who was a close friend to YesJulz and Shake, we are expecting a crowd wearing all white in support to the light XXXtention shined on us all during his time with us.

Another Great event we are expecting great vibes from is the ‘Juneteenth‘ celebration brought to us by the talented people of the band The Wav and promotion team AfroHaus. Their celebration is taking place in two cities at the saem time. LA and NYC are both having these networking based events that are bringing culture and vibes to a great new place.

Our last event that we are visiting is the growing freestyle night event presented by Audiomack and the great people of DinnerLand. Hosted in Harlem, New York is the popularly growing ‘CypherSlam’ on it’s thrid edition. Music will be provided by DJ Miss Milan and a special guest performance by Niko Brim. It’s an open mic event inviting all lyricist out to test their talent.

Check Below For Details and Links To All Events We Mentioned!


070 Day starts 4PM to 8PM

RSVP For 070Day!


JUNETEENTH Presented By AfroHaus In LA & HArlem, NY Starts At 7PM


Harlem RSVP


CypherSlam 3 by Audiomack x Dinnerland in Harlem, New York

RSVP For Cypherslam

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