Music| @RU_AreYou Continues His #June2k18 #BeatADay Challenge (Days 12-17)


Maintaining his momentum is California based producer/engineer RU_AreYou who has begun this June month off with a very capitivating musical movememnt called #June2k18. This is apart of RU’s #BeatADay challenge, which consist of the super talent to design beats daily. The genius he is, RU has decided to create these beats live via Instagram Live, giving his fanbase a direct look at his creation process. Our last conversation about RU came with the unveiling of his first 11 days of creation. With almost a week going by, RU has not missed a day or a beat.

This weeks colection are perfect for your Ambient Chill vibes with solo feature from Hugo Wass (another Cali-based prducer artist & podcast host). The rest of this weeks collection are just amazing vibes provided by RU.

Take A Listen To RU_AreYou’s Next Collection Of #BeatsADayChallege Below!


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