Music|Artist Discovery: Yasmin And Her Single “Golden”


• This week’s Artist Discovery hails from Patterson, New Jersey with an angelic cadence & range which is accompanied with a completely innocent image. The saintly songstress who goes by Yasmin, has anointed our musical timeline with recent offerings that display a new age of real R&B. Gaining knowledge from our A&R/Personality Beezy, Yasmin appeared on the popular music based IG page showcasing her latest single dubbed “Golden“. The single is riddled with sampling from Jill Scott’s hit single Golden, but is overdubbed with Yasmin’s unique cadence.

After thorough research on Yasmin, we came across a series of intriguing records that have now become playlist favorite for us. Her most recent body of work is an EP titled “Bonnie” referencing the gun wielding better half of the tandem Bonnie & Clyde. The 8-track released nabbed production from a few heavy hitters such as Mark Henry, The Superiors & a Yasmin favorite SHAHiD Tha 13th. This fulfilling series of vibe-curating Rhythm & Blues music s an easy listen. Yasmin’s flow is flavorful, lyrics are rich & lilt is lit when placed on playful production.

Listen To Yasmin’s Bonnie EP Below & Single “Golden” Above!

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