Music| #FreshPress feat. @XOMusic_UK @11_11Music & Mariami


Fresh Off The Press is a short collection of releases that took place just today! Concluding the 1st full week of April, here some of our Soundcloud heroes who have returned with unfiltered offerings that keep their cult followings happy. We start things off with a single release from our UK friend XO. Making use of some mid-eastern vibes meshed with a Caribbean flow makes for the infectious record “Shut It Down” that can be left on repeat. Next is a more subtle release from Toronto’s crooner 11:11. New single ‘All Year’ is a powerful message of continuous love with that special one. Our last guest today is Mariami, a Georgia girl who is now a New York implant. She has become renown for her nostalgic soulful sound and outstanding writing ability. She offers an up-tempo island inspired single dubbed “Cyclone” that is meant for your next playlist.


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