Lifestyle| Vanquish-Yachts Unveil Their Luxury Styled Jet Ski The ‘VQ16’

Lead designers for high-performing motor-yachts is Dutch luxury brand Vanquish Yachts hailing from Netherlands with yet another astounding design for fun on the water. Introducing their latest masterpiece the VQ16, Vanquish describes this as “a crossover between a superyacht tender and a water scooter.

This upscale jetski rendition measures in at 16 feet long, seats five passengers plus the driver, and separates itself from traditional speedboats by being designed to drive like a jetski. Even their most standard version of the VQ16 come equipped with a 1.8L Yamaha engine pushing out 200 horsepower, allowing this wave rider to reach up to 40 knots. If you’re a true dear-devil then the supercharged edition which reaches a top speed of 50 knots may be just for you.

To maintain the lightweight required to maneuver like a true jetski, the VQ16 is constructed from fiberglass. Designers Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta team up to give Vanquish’s VQ16 the sleek and stylish look that it has acquired. This lavish water-raver is now available to order for all our seafaring enthusiast at the company’s website.

View More Of The Vanquish VQ16 Below!

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