Lifestyle| @Sole.Hue Is The Leading Brand In Luxury Shoe Solution & Restoration

A little elbow grease goes a long way and a young entrepreneur by the name Drew Green knows this first hand. A huge part of the fashion industry that goes without much recognition is the restoration business and fashion detailing. Even without the notability, this process is in high demand to all sneaker-enthusiast, high-end designer collectors and pure fashionista’s who seek to keep their closets up to date and renewed. Drew Green brings luxury to the restoration and solution industry with his growing brand SoleHue LA.

At just 22 years old, Drew has an amazing story to how he opened his own brick and mortar location in thriving LA, California. With humble beginnings at his home-town in Massachusetts, Drew relocated to the DMV (DC-Virginia area) before making the big sacrifice to the buzzing LA area. What started as a high-school hustle has catapulted into a global sneaker/shoe community provider that has been mentioned by renown names like Odell Beckham Jr., Nick Cannon, Jaleel White, Tank and has gained sponsorship recognition from BET & Sprite.

SoleHue LA takes shoe cleaning to upscale heights that have been unbeknownst to most. The elegant encounter is just part of the lavish services provided by the growing brand. Attention to detail and fabric knowledge makes SoleHue LA a premier provider for shoe detailing as the brand has become known for “bring shoes back to life”. A rigorous routine is implemented for every pair that enters the door and a home-made solution is applied in the cleaning process. This is available to all shoe styles and is not just limited to Louboutin’s & Prada but even open to your favorite pair of adidas Shell-Tops or Nike Air Max’s. All this comes with an affordable price tag and even membership opportunities available for everyone anywhere.

Look Below To Get Examples Of SoleHue LA Prices and Shoe Projects!

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