Art| @_BeeEv Zodiac Collection Is A Visual Ode To Beauty & Grace

A wife, a mom, and an outstanding self-taught visual artist, Brittany Everette is a growing artist that has been going viral via social media as designing some of today’s modernized masterpieces. Her freedom behind the pen/pencil/stylist designs profound pieces that brakes boundaries and promotes the power of beauty. Her pieces portray the mighty connection between women and nature and the beauty of that unity. She continues to maintain this momentum with her recent Astrology-based series dubbed ‘Zodiac Collection‘.

Zodiac Collection utilizes digital drawing as the medium that has taken Brittany up to 15 hours per piece. Started just a month ago, this series is currently in development as Everette is designing these and releasing them to her fanbase as they come to completion. Halfway through the Zodiac signs, Brittany has finalized the Cancer, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces, & Aquarius prints and is announcing her next one TODAY.

Each piece displays the beauty of women as their faces are represented to their unique zodiac symbol. The renown signs all showcase a grasping colorway and promptly placed symbols celebrating that sign. Everette is efficient, detailed and obvious patient based on the work hours related to each piece. Her eye for vibrancy and color spectrum effortlessly collide and create engrossing images for viewers to adore.

Visit her web page to get you hands on the Zodiac Collection today. A New Piece IS Being Announced via Brittany Everette’s Instagram.

Enjoy A Full View Of Brittany Everette’s Zodiac Collection Below!

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