Music| @AGO_Music Season Arrives w/ @WaldoDaDon New Album ‘GROVE’

A team effort makes a world of difference and the renown AGO Music Group knows this first hand as they have approached what we have claimed to be AGO SZN (season). The super-powered collective of producers, singers, rappers and engineers unified to build a timeless masterpiece surrounded around their praised lyricist WALDO. Waldo gained an early cult following around 2011 from displaying witty-wordplay over Sango produced records. Fast-forward to 2019 and the AGO brand is resurfacing with a more unified effort as the team of 7 artist join forces to present full bodies of work signifying the skill-set of each artist. Waldo is up first with his highly anticipated project ‘GROVE‘.

GROVE is fully produced by AGO Music’s Sango, Savon and Mozaic, who provide Waldo with a series of enraptured records allowing Waldo to once again display his wise-word placement and triple entendre capabilities. Signature sounds like a deep bass, clap/snap snares, off-tempo hi-hats and Mozaic’s unorthodox piano key chords are easily noticed throughout the 14-track project. Additional production features come from renown producers like ESTA, Simba & Kaelin Ellis. More AGO support is supplied from The SEVENth (AGO’s Audio Wizard), who is responsible for recording Waldo and managing some of the mixing.

The only vocal feature on the entire project come from another fellow AGO member named Joose The Conqueror, who spars with Waldo lyrically on many songs throughout the AGO discography. The two metaphor mavericks attack ‘Ashes 2 Ashes‘, one of Sango & Savon’s more hardcore hip-hop productions on the album. The lyrical quality of GROVE is top tier and is simply a complement to the masterful production provided. Story after story, Waldo has truly presented something next level from his previous bodies of work. Cohesive and magnetic are just two ways to describe this album but hear it for yourself.

You can start with the leading single ‘KINGS‘ or jump to one of our favorite records ‘Burgundy Bible‘ or a close second ‘Changes‘. Either way, there is something for everyone in this project.

Take A Full Listen To ‘GROVE’ By WALDO & AGO Music Below!

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