Music| @MeekMill and @RoodyRicch Pay Homage with “Letter To Nipsey” on #Grammy Night

After a very emotionally charged Grammy ceremony last night, Grammy nominated rapper Meek Mill teams up with new Hip-Hop sensation, Roddy Ricch for a humbling tribute record for the late great Nipsey “Neighborhood Nip” Hussle. Suitably, the record is named “Letter To Nipsey” is a contribution of feelings from fellow artist and also a great donation to the foundations surrounding Nipsey, as Meek announced the proceeds will go back to those organizations.

Last nights’s Grammy’s was one for the books as many amazing artist received awards for the first time and made history for their genres. One of the biggest tear-jerking moments was when Nipsey Hussle’s “Racks In The Middle” received an award and his family came to embrace the win and the love from fans worldwide. Shortly after the renown event, Meek Mill took to DSP’s (Distribution Service Platforms) with this homage track.

Meek’s heartfelt lyrics will evoke emotions from listeners as he recites lines like “And I ain’t finna sit here and act like I’m your main homie/But when we lost you it really put some pain on me,” Meek raps. “Got me scared to go outside without that thing on me/When everybody went against me you ain’t change on me.” Roddy Ricch, who has grown to new heights of fame and stardom, follows Meek Mill’s words with some heartfelt bars of his own. Both pay homage and share sentiments of feeling mortal and learning to appreciate the moments we have.

Listen To The Tribute Record “Letter To Nipsey” by Meek Mill and Roddy Ricch Above!

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