Entertainment| @Drake Unites @URLTV & @Caffeine For New Live Stream Battle Rap Venture

For all Battle Rap enthusiast, the joint venture between Ultimate Rap League (URL) and new live streaming upstart Caffeine is a dream come true. Like most break through’s in rap music today, it’s always a strong influencer involved and for this collaboration, Drake sits at the center of it. The Canadian rapper has recently helped announce the tag team experience to the world in a few enticing promotional visuals. Drake actually was sighted on URL a while back and this is what many believe begun the conversation for what we see today.

Quick History; Ultimate Rap League is the renown stage for all things battle rap. Names have spawn from this stage such as Murda Mook, Tsu Surf, Serious Jones, MTV’s Wild N Out Cast members Conceited, Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla and so many other notable lyricist. For going on over two decades of hosting this face-to-face shout matches, URL is a global name that has earned much respect and has opened doors for very many.

Caffeine is a new startup, that was launched November 2019 and is gaining the attention of many entertainment talents and participants. Set out to rival Amazon’s Twitch and Google’s Youtube, Caffeine was started by  Apple designer Ben Keighran. Keighran goes on to explain the brand’s significance to Variety by stating:

“There’s millions of people and this huge community around the world of people who love real battle rap and URL is the biggest, most authentic, most respected battle rapping league in the world. It’s got the sort of core tenets of UFC fighting and boxing. But, getting into the experience right now — if you spoke to Drake, he’d say getting into it is really difficult.

Drake adds some detail and insight about his efforts to bring these powerhouses together and the effect it will have on the future of music by stating:

[I’m] excited to announce this major step forward! I managed to get URL [Ultimate Rap League] and Caffeine linked up with the objective of making battle rap easier to access in your home or on your mobile device and it’s free to watch battles once you sign up for the service. We are bringing the biggest league in the world to more screens than ever before. Greatness simplified,

Drake’s history to the live stream world broke records in 2018 as the rapper went live with Travis Scott, NFL wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and professional gamer Ninja for a Fortnight battle that rendered over 628,000 viewers. This experience raised many questions and developed several ideas for Drake which lead him to this venture here.

 Adding to the anticipated start of this live channel, URL explained in a press release:

This partnership will deliver a heightened viewing as well as an interactive experience for all who tune in. We are taking the same events that we stream on watchbattlelive.com over to Caffeine and we intend to keep the same vibe with a heightened viewer experience. Each show will contain 3-4 battles for those who tune into the stream on Caffeine… Each Ultimate Rap League event will only air once like a major sporting event,

Ultimate Rap League will debut on Caffeine live from Atlanta on February 29 with follow-up shows in Houston and Charlotte.

Watch Drake Get Challenged To A Battle Rap In The Video Above!

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