Music| @Dashgxd Sends Loving Vibes For #Valentines Day w/ New Single “PYNK”

Returning from his collaborated ‘Continuum’ album release with producer Saint Alexvnder, Neyram offers a solo brief ballad for Valentine’s Day. Dubbed “PYNK”, this single pleads with a lover to allow Neyram to be their hero. With a simple goal of protecting his lover, Neyram provides not only the vocals but also the production for this record. Maintaining a vibe from his preceding release, PYNK is cinematic yet beguile in lyrics and tempo. Neyram’s diverse musical skill sets are displayed with this strong intro-record for an upcoming project. 

PYNK opens with a phonograph melodic sample that is soon meet with a soft chord progression. Neyram does not hesitate to pronounce his presence on this song as within just the first four count he places an inquiry about a past statement. Hosting a ‘Saviour’ complex, this song truly is an ode to Love and how we all tend to play Captain Save-Her (Saviour). Intensely dramatic but heartfelt and intentional, Neyram provides a great gift for the renown ‘Lover’s Holiday’. 

Take A Full Listen To “PYNK” By Neyram Below!

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