Music| Watch The Majestic Performance Of @Snohaalegra On @NPRmusic Tiny Desk

What was the 90’s MTV Unplugged has now transformed into NPR’s Tiny Desk series which features popular names from around the world performing their latest and greatest hits in front of an intimate crowd. For the news/music platform, NPR presents a raging rising star by the name Snoh Aalegra. The Iranian-Swedish singer/songwriter has made surface breaking hits that has catapulted her stardom in the last two years. Snoh presents a few of her hit records from her 2019 album  -Ugh, those feels again.

Snoh’s leading records are stripped of their studio curated heavy bass and 808 drum patterns and we are handed a smooth and laid back R&B performance from the angelic vocalist. Her performance begins with the abrupt live rendition of her track “Love Like That” which is then followed up with her radio-hit dubbed “I Want You Around“. Maintaining her message of the ups and downs of love, Aalegra then turns to her intimacy detailed record “Whoa“. This soon transitions into a catchy number from Snoh’s 2017 project “Find Someone Like You.” This melodic performance highlights Snoh’s sultry vocals, lewd lyrics and melodic tone providing authentic R&B vibes.

In other music news surround Snoh Aalegra, Aalegra will launch her North American tour on March 18 in Vancouver and end in Atlanta, Georgia on May 2. 

Now Watch The Full NPR Tiny Desk Experience Featuring Snoh Aalegra Above!

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