Music| @JoshWatersMusic Provides Vibes In New Single "Without You"

Soulful singer/songwriter Josh Waters is providing feel-good R&B with a fervent falsetto and perplex pen-game. Hailing from Mississippi, Josh showcases that southern charm in his writings while giving soulful energy the south is renown for. Waters’ returns to his cult-like fanbase with yet another enticing record dubbed “Without You” which shows the fighter in the lover that is Josh Waters.

The BNDWTH-artist adorns the cinematic production with his tuneful tone which is enthralling as it is entertaining. This record is a direct message to the love of Waters’ life as he makes it clear he does not desire to let this love fade or wither away. His existence without this love doesn’t seem probable and his willingness to watch that love live on with another is unimaginable.

The production is cascaded with dark piano chords, tempo’d tablas and what sounds like an electric kalimba setting the musical stage for Josh’s uncompromising lyrics. Playing with flows, Josh is not afraid to approach records with familiar riffs while completely staying in a lane of his own. The hard-working artist has been consistent with deliveries as he has released several songs in 2020 and seems to be building a nice arsenal of songs in a build-up to a major release.

Listen To Josh Waters’ New Single “Without You” Above & Watch “Silhouette” Music Video Below!

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