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Energetic to say the least, Heff is renown for curating a synergy with his surroundings through positive affirmations and tons of laughs. He also happens to be a musical artist from New Jersey with an infectious sound and witty wordplay. Most recently he released his debut EP which he entitled ‘Started At The Den‘. This presentation was brief but impactful. 12 minutes of 6 unique vibes and very few features, Heff showcases his wit with word through a melodic tone on a vary of brilliant production.

Started In The Den is a true melodic rap project that evokes joy and a sudden need to dance. Heff’s leading single was the highlighted record on the project dubbed “Used To” featuring Rapper/NFL Wide Receiver Tajea Sharpe aka SHOW. Displaying the high vibrations and youthful energy that Heff portrays is easily showcased on the music video for ‘Used To’ which gained instant momentum and trends on Youtube. Enjoy ‘Used To’ music video below before you read the Album Review.

The REVIEW: Started In The Den by HEFF

Started In The Den” is ideally how the future of releases will probably look. Heff does not saturate you in concepts for hours buts provides consistent brief vibes that grasp your attention within seconds and leaves remanences from catchy hooks and melodies. As an introduction project, he does great at leaving the listeners wanting more from the infectious production to the story-telling styles of his lyrics.

The introduction record ‘On One‘ is as slow tempo as this project comes as Heff leads with a strong melodic ballad that is brief but substantial to his range of ability. What can be mistaken for a love record, this song is simply a declaration of Heff’s arrival on the scene. The soothing guitar strums maintain the subtle energy this song sets to present.

Next is the Project Record (which means it’s the song that sums up the meaning behind the project) which is “DEN“. This more trap-rap production is torched with witty wordplay and supportive adlibs. Started At The Den seems to be a reference to a huge house/mansion that helped inspire the tone for this project. Lyrics of lavish living, beautiful get-a-ways and mesmerizing women is adorned on the entire project and DEN replicates just that.

Another representation of Heff’s R&B based penmanship is displayed on the third record of #SATD which is titled “24K” featuring SAINT. This brief ballad seeps in lyric expression at a high level while maintaining a crooner’s demeanor. Subtle vocalization decorate the background of brazen bars from Heff and his featuring artist Saint.

Used To‘ is the more up-tempo follow-up record that holds a lot of the momentum from this project. The collaborated efforts of both Heff and SHOW are dynamic and makes for a brilliant musical piece. The visual that accompanied was just the right angles for need to showcase the aesthetics this record provides the listener.

With the majority of the records on this project not exceeding two and half minutes, there is no specific interlude but if we had to pinpoint a potential choice it would be ‘Y.K.M.B‘ (which stands for You Know My Body). Consistent with majority of the other records, acoustic guitars highlight the production followed with strong 808 bass. What becomes a catchy records ends way before you want it to, forcing you to place it on repeat.

The finale on #SATD comes from yet another R&B-Trap production with a calming cadence that allows Heff to parley on. ‘Prada You‘ is a ode to Heff’s number one lady that he promises to drape her in the best. A classy exit track that further details the many avenues Heff travels to make a strong record.

Stream ‘Started At The Den’ by Heff Below!

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