Music| @BiancaImanMusic Unveils Her Angelic Single “EXODUS” & Lyric Video

With her vocals set on ‘angelic’ and wordplay geared towards ‘enticing’, Bianca Iman delivers a fantastic new single for her awaiting fan-base. The New Jersey songstress is gearing up for the next chapter in her music career and developing a defined sound, which can be identified in “EXODUS”. Sonic-ally satisfying, EXODUS is a calm declaration of frustration in a situation that is leaving Bianca drained. Lost in her love for the many positive traits from her lover, Bianca goes on to detail how she has consistently put forth an effort that is not reciprocated. 

The revelation signified in EXODUS by Bianca is one of being under-appreciated while steadily serving up true love. The Waresdanny production is palatable to the properly placed witty-wordplay from Bianca. Her writing for this song is one example of her lyrical growth and overall development as a true crooner and R&B sensation. This record is enticing from start to finish, filled with charisma, passion and poise. Bianca vocally performs like a veteran in this music industry knowing when to reach and when to resolve her cadence.

Adding to her release build-up, Bianca has also accompanied this single release with a lyric video. Cleverly playing off the biblical theme of the Exodus story of Moses and the Egyptians, a cartoon version of Bianca Iman can be seen in the midst of the parted ocean waters. Symbolic to the tyranny of those ancient times, Bianca’s character is yearning to be set free.

Enjoy Bianca Iman’s New Lyric Visual For “EXODUS” Above & Stream The Single Below!

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