Music| Enjoy @OfficialKingDes New EP “Eastern Nights” & His Live Review Of The Project


Born in raised in Ghana, King De$ is a conscious writer, witty lyricist and a passionate musician to his core. Never losing sight of his heritage and the stories that molded him, De$ is a rising sound for the underground Hip-Hop scene that provides perspective and presence. The now New Jersey based artist has recently released his highly anticipated project dubbed “Eastern Nights“.

Eastern Nights is a 12-track EP filled with African Influence, hard-hitting Hip-Hop and plenty of feel good selections that will easily be placed on repeat. There seems to be no dull moments within this project as the energy from the intro to the outro is consistently upbeat and enticing. The singles that De$ lead with show the strong diversity in sound and influence. Singles like “What’s Love” and “Next Level” are great examples of King De$ ability to duplicate a flow & style even when the tempo’s switches up. ‘What’s Love’ is of a slower tempo dedicated to the hardships of love & relationships meanwhile ‘Next Level’ is a brash declaration of where you can expect to see De$ in the future as he climbs through this industry.

King De$ interviewed with us to have a “Release Review” about Eastern Nights and what it meant to him. Check out this brief preview of the conversation as De$ answers some important questions.

Eastern Nights is a detailed tale of the growth that King De$ has experience over the years and packaged into a cohesive piece of work. Primed with peak production, the project delivers sonic-ally what De$ offers lyrically. Uniting with producers like DJ Ace and features like Neyram, Eastern Nights is filled with supporting acts alongside De$.

Stay Tuned For The Full Interview & More Music.

Enjoy A Full Listen To King De$ New EP “Eastern Nights” Available Everywhere!

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