Music| @iamtaylergreen Is Only Here for Wins w/ Her Debut Single “Lost Boy”


The musical sweet-spot of today exist between crisp vocals an alluring pen-game and renowned vocalist Tayler Green has decided to showcase all of her abilities with what is claimed as her first official release “Lost Boy“. Produced by Grammy-award winner Q Gulledge, Tayler and Q team up to deliver a classic Rhythm and Blues record.

Many have come to hear the vocal’s that led Tayler Green to USA’s ‘The Voice‘ tv series but upon listening, you will find that the true allure of this single is the emotions evoked from the lyrics. The brief ballad “Lost Boy” directs attention on the EX that had the opportunity to receive the love offered but didn’t value the chance. Providing new-age R&B, Tayler gives the hair-rising riffs that make for classical R&B while attending to modern transitions and wordplay. This song removes regret but places the reality of disappointment one finds in a relationship on the table.

This early release for Tayler only suggests that we have much more to look forward to this year and with high hopes, we will get a full project from the songstress.

Her latest single ‘Lost Boy’ is produced by Quintin “Q” Gulledge, and is destined to become a fan favorite as it celebrates personal growth in love, and the power of becoming whole again after heartbreak.

Take A Listen To Tayler Green’s New Single “Lost Boy” Below!


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