thE 4um | “WE MADE IT!!!”


    • Public Service Announcement•

If Your In A Club RIGHT NOW, and The DJ Isn’t Yelling “We Made It” … Fire Em! If Your In A Car & The Radio Isn’t Blaring “We Made It” … Turn It Off! If You Are At Home & Your Headphones Are Screaming “We Made It” … Question!? What are you doing?

Drake over this Soulja Boy beat is THE FIXINSSSS *my EastBound & Downs voice. This Official first track Drake dropped off his upcoming collection of songs that is being called “The New Year’s Eve Anthems” is a Remix to Soulja Boys “We Made It” intro from his newest The King Mixtape, is just that. The Anthem of the new year. This is the remix where Drake goes cashewws (nuts) and gives every possible aspect of what it feels like to be an artist who slowly climbed to the top. You can’t help but jump up when you hear this classic beat take over. Drake makes it no better when he starts, once again, another strong venting session of his trails & tribulations. As we all know … He Made It! And you will feel like you did too when you listen! Enjoy & at 11:59pm on December 31st make sure your DJ, at whatever venue you will be attending, has this queued and ready. It will be 2014 & “We Made It!!!”

• Visit “thE 4um” & tell me what you think of what Drake did on this remix!

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