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Art | This One’s For The Streets by StinkFish

Street Art is One Art Form That Is technically Here Today and Gone Tomorrow, but Great Street Art will last Forever thru Fans, Photography and tales of History. One artist that Will Be Apart of this Street Art History is Colombian Artist StinkFish. The Following Photo’s Are of Artworks Done By Stinkfsh but Inspired by the World … Enjoy

Stink Fish Takes Photo’s Of Life and Makes It Living. He Gives The Ordinary Day A Chance To DayDream, and Allows “Normal” to Be Everything But That. He IS A Graffiti Genius But Mostly An Art Addict.

 zas_stinkfish_bogota_colombia (16)zas_stinkfish_bogota_colombia (5)

zas_stinkfish_bogota_colombia (7)

stinkfish_bogota_apc (17)

stinkfish_bogota_apc (8)



Visit StinkFish Blog … Hope You Enjoyed

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