Event | Top 5 @ AgendaShow 2014 LongBeach

~ Long Beach was taken over by fashion brands from all over earlier this week (Jan 7&8th) and AgendaShow held its annual fashion event debuting new collections, brands, and ideas. This Year GoodGarbs had a chance to view the collection of brands, and here are our top 5 brands there.

1.) Alex & Chloe – A cool Brand with a great style for Women who don’t mind wearing a nice pair of Air’s and some cool jewels and snapbacks

2.) Civil Society – A formal casual brand that makes a Mountain man fit in any situation.

3.) Gourmet Footwear – A Classic footwear brand that makes your shoe game look custom and unique. Also very comfortable

4.) OBEY – Not new to the fashion scene or Propaganda scene, OBEY is a piece of art every time its worn. One of GoodGarbs all-time favorites.

5.)Richer Poorer Inc. – Top New Accessory Brand that is making a great name with amazing designs and patterns.

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