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Accessories|424 on Fairfax Parvus Necklace Collection


~ 424 on Fairfax has made many statements with previous products but went for a smaller style approach to their latest presentation of the Pravus necklace collection. This offering consist of a few mix designs such as the Messiah, Tutankhamun, Buddha and Davinci Skull charms. The Messiah, Tut and Davinci are all designed with double siding so that way you are not sitting around checking your pendent to see if it is facing the right way. Additionally, the charms can be paired with a crown of thorns of your choice. The crowned thorns come with the 424 custom finish  and can be mixed and matched based on the customers request. The entire collection comes in sterling silver, 14k gold, 18k gold and smoked onyx vermeil finish and is now available through the brand’s online store with prices starting at $50 USD.










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