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Lifestyle|Watch Cahpter 1&2 of “The Land Of” -A Surfing Journey

• New to the scene of independent filmmaking, “The Land Of” follows a group of surfers on a journey through Thailand as they gain new experiences, perspectives and stories on their travel that extends far beyond simply riding waves. Introduced in chapter one you find Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Jameson Fitzgerald in Phang Nga visiting the grommets at Baan Santisuk orphanage. They made the best out of their journey by assisting in a building project as well as taking the kids surfing at local beaches.  In chapter two you follow Ed Worland, Jack Entwistle and Nick Riley to the region of Phuket—an area of Thailand known for its tourism and party scene. Days after arriving the boys find themselves assisting with the relief effort for Bangkok after severe floods hit the capital city. After scoring some waves, they then head north to remote communities where they partner with Waves For Water distributing clean water filters to remote communities. Stay tuned for episode three & Enjoy Chapter 2 below.

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