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Art|Artist SAN releases “Yard Sale”

San is a 25-year-old artist from Bucharest, he works as camera operator for a national tv channel and as a motion graphic designer meanwhile realizing some awesome videos. He says his inspiration for realizing them comes by the fact he’s not able to express himself through music, well, San, you’re doing a great job anyway through your videos.

We introduce you Yard Sale, a project started from the fact that we’re used to label people just on they looks. On the streets, on social networks we stop at appearances. It’s a project that targets that situation when you see a beautiful woman and you stop yourself from doing that step because you start to idealize her just by her aspect, by that profile picture that says nothing about her real personality. Yard Sale wants to show that in first place we are humans, we have feelings, and that what you think about a person it’s not always the truth. This project invites you to not let yourself influenced by the idea you get on first sight, to not let yourself influenced by what others say about a person.

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