Fashion|Nudxty “Dxrty Hxiry” Official Release LookBook

photo 4 (2)

•  Fresh off the presses is the is a new Baltimore based brand titled ‘Nudxty’ who is getting back to the grit of the streets while making everything look good. A olf friend of ours here at GoodGarbs, fashion designer Mattie,  has decided to release his second brand to the public and Nudxty, even with a provocative name, has been given such a defining meaning. This look book takes a few views of a capsule of T-shirts with new cartoonish logos. As we spoke with Mattie briefly here is the description given to his brand.

Oblivious of attention from ones who flatter you or demise you but you know consequences of your precognitive actions that may conquer your demise.. or the opposite, and that’s the epiphany of “Nudity”. This brand thrives to conceive the conceptualism of all aspect of not giving a F.U.C.K… -Mattie

On July 13th indulge in the 1st release of Nvdxty’s “Dxrty Hxiry along with a couple free offers from the brand on ENJOY IT!

twitter: Nvdxty
contact email:

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