Fashion| Barbour x Norton & Sons – Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection


•In 2005, Patrick Grant – with little money and no experience in the industry – sold his car and home in order to purchase Norton & Sons, a struggling London tailors. Under his stewardship, Norton & Sons began looking back on its heritage and focusing all of the company’s efforts on the creating of superior quality bespoke suiting, and those efforts have certainly paid off.

Autumn/Winter 2014 sees Norton & Sons strengthen yet another chapter in their fascinating history, continuing a increasingly popular collaboration with South Shields outerwear legends Barbour that showcases the aesthetics of both esteemed brands.

Presided over by Grant, the collection takes lesser known silhouettes from the Barbour archives and lathers them in opulent coating of Savile Row tailoring expertise that elevates each piece from the functional to the grands. Taking this as a starting point, the collection as a whole glances a sympathetic nod at Barbour’s workwear heritage with the use of Sylkoil and quilted fabrics giving the range unmistakably rural feel.



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