Fashion| Seafolly x Panama Collaboration Film

• Even though we are no longer in the season for basking in the sun and taking a quick swim, Australian brand Seafolly still feels there is sunshine somewhere, So Enjoy It In Style. Australian swimwear brand Seafolly holds to the memory of the 2014 summer by collaborating on a music video with Australian artists, Panama. In a brand first, CEO Anthony Halas chose to launch the Seafolly summer collection in an original, distinctive format showcasing international ambassador Martha Hunt in a music clip directed by Daniel Askill.

The music video for Panama’s new single “Stay Forever” follows Martha Hunt and a number of girls living in colder climates who are suddenly drawn to water and the irresistible Australian summer. The girls make a magical underwater migration to a secluded Australian beach paradise where they relish in the sun of the soft, white sand.

We are giving our vote of confidence to any brand that has the guts and skill to launch a new product the way Seafolly is doing it.

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