Music| New Mixtape “Under Pressure” by Logic


• Young Sinatra also known as Logic, is one of the next up and coming lyricist that the HipHop game has been requesting for. We have been blessed with artist like the TDE squad (Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul specifically) that have been contributors to the art of storytelling and bringing meaningful lyrics to the industry. We now have a new voice to blaze amazing instrumentals while giving a verbal description of his growing pains. The young artist reigns from Gaithersburg, Maryland and gives such a soulful effort to his music about what life was growing up there.

Quick History: 

Logic grew up in a hectic environment, full of racism, drugs, and alcohol abuse. He dropped out of high school, was kicked out of his mother’s house, and soon found himself living in his friend Lenbo’s basement. It was there that he would hone his craft of making music, along with his friends 6ix and C Dot Castro.

His Project:

The Project that we are excited to share is dubbed Under Pressure which includes tracks like “Gang Related”, “Nikki” and “Driving Ms. Daisey” feat. Childish Gambino. This Project has been highly anticipated and has received great reviews as Logic gives such an industry ready piece to his fans. Well put together, great production and top notch mixing is what we enjoy. Logic delivered



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