Music| Listen to Tei Shi “See Me”


• Above is the newly released single by young vocalist Tei Shi dubbed “See Me“. This track received a production favor from the great musicians of Glass Animal who received a vocal favor from Tei Shi on one of their recent tracks called “Holiest“. The collaboration of these two musical titans has shown to work and work well. The production may sound pretty similar to any fans of the band, but Tei Shi’s delicate voice creates a sort of element that makes it her own.

See Me” is a collection of unique mystic sounds that are based off of nature and the hint of wilderness. The production takes you from your seat at work or on the train and brings you to a earthly environment. What starts off as a dark and mysterious until Tei Shi extends her vocals over the instrumental bringing a sense of peace and life. Great song in our opinion. Enjoy Above.

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