F.A.M.E| UpNorth Edition: The Up & Coming

• Today we wanted to start our official move towards ultimate support for the up & coming in many genres of art and talent. Today we take notice to Up & Coming in Fashion, Art, and Music. The following are close counterparts who we have worked alongside or built a unique rapport with.

54-D+R-HAT FRONT.jpg

• First up is Fashion and we have been lucky to experience a boutique that inbodies our current state in music, art and fashion culture. Community 54 is a highend streetwear fashion boutique that sales more then garbs, but also delivers one amazing experience. Located on the alphabet streets in SoHo, New York and also in Toronto, Community 54 lives up to it’s name. This community based venue has become a fashion dwelling for athletes, artist, musicians and more. Giving life to street style, Community 54 has crafted many custom designeds and have collaborated with many other lifestyle brands to give fans a sense of self-worth and amazing style. Don’t be fooled, this venue host a list more than just your favorite varisty jacket or snapback.

Another great attribute about Community 54 is the venue itself. Due to the set up of Community 54, with a lavish hardwood floor inside and unmasked ceilings, it is the backyard that tends to gain a thorough amount of attention. Community 54 has gained the repetation of being one of the cities most releaxed music set ups. With art infused walls that have been decked out by artist from all over and a landscape built for a dj set up, some dope christmas lighting and a random cooler to hold some brews, this backyard has history. Musicians/rappers like A$AP Rocky and friends, Slim Dollars, KatieGotbandz, and many more have blessed the arena of art with their musical selections. More popular faces come by just to hit the photo booth or grab a new Community 54 fitted like Donald Glover, Iman Shumpert, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. Be apart of the experience and visit!

Community 54

186 Avenue B

( Between 11th / 12th )

New York, NY 10009, USA

• Next up is artist King Saladeen, who has become one of art’s leading members of the new school. Born Raheem Johnson, his art has been unorthodox in style, delivery and colorways. This young man has establish himself as what we consider potentially the next Bausquiat. His love for canvas and color shows every piece he finishes. He has branded himself by using a cool teddy bear character that seems to show up again and again.


Sir Saladeen’s art has featured on many sites and one of his most recent pieces was a artist cover to a Rolls Royce, which when finished was a masterpiece on 20 inch wheels. Art Galleries from LA to NY auctioned his works and fans gloabally have graced their homes with his images. As he continues to grow we will continue to follow and update. Below is The Artist Profile video by artabovereality. ENJOY.

• For our music segment we want to acknowledge a DJ who is working day and night to follow his passion. DJ E-Double is one of New York Cities up and coming Disc Jockeys’. In the last few months this young man has built the understanding of crowd control. New music is released hourly butwhat so many forget about is who is going to spin the record? Who is in control of what gets played in the venue that evening? DJ E-Double paid attention to this demand and now is The Man. Being the leading DJfor some extremely popular artist lately such as OG Maco, Rea Sremmurd, ILoveMakonnen, and many more. #LitBoyzWorldWide has labeled E-Double as the teams official DJ, which means he is working with Slim Dollars, Perrion, Supakali and many more. His presence in the city is sky rocketing and soon globally.


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