Accessories|Urwerk UR-110 “Eastwood” Watch

• Watch company Urwerk are small in size, but their creations are larger than life and definitely from out of this world. Known for their trademark futuristic style, there’s no better testament to this than the UR-110 watch which relies on multiple satellite complications to display the time. Sadly, the watch will be relegated to the history books come early 2015 when it will be removed from the Urwerk lineup. So for the UR-110 watch’s swan song, its makers decided to go out with a bang.

Dubbing it “The Eastwood,” the watch’s bezel is trimmed out in ebony veneer. Two styles are offered: one with a Makassar ebony finish and the other with a lighter red ebony finish. The hour hands are replaced by a series of rotating modules, while the minutes appear on the right side of the watch and scale downwards in chronological order. Take a closer look at the Urwerk UR-110 here.

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