Art| Jean Claude LeBlanc “Roman Objects” Collection

• Canadian design studio JCL – which is named after designer Jean Claude LeBlanc – recently launched the “Roman Objects” collection. A heedfully selection of designs highlight the sumptuous qualities of marble and brass, using a ebullient geometric style to great effect. For the construction, brass spikes are individually drilled and bonded into white carrara marble, resulting in a memorable juxtaposition of materials. What’s more, all items from this collection are able to stand individually, or work together as a group. Engulfed in the theme, the pieces seen invites fans into the Roman world.

The lookbook sets a tone for the collection as the setting is familiar to that of ancient Roman homes. Oak-wood furniture and complementing marble tables set an aura for this display. The full collection is comprised of a small and large vase, a bookend, and a multipurpose container. Hit up the JCL homepage for additional information and pricing.

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