Music| Listen To New Music From @BrysonTiller “Don’t”

• Kentucky is known for their Wildcats basketball team, but there has arrived a new Wildcat from Louisville vocalist/writer Bryson Tiller. The young artist has been building his buzz for sometime now with amazing covers of many top artist songs, but has decided to give fans (mostly ladies) something of his own. Today he releases new track dubbed “Don’t” which host a spine-chilling production and lyrics dedicated to the ladies who are mistreated and DON’T notice it. B.Tiller uses his vocal ability to address the cold of heartless relationships and how he can bring a lucky lady from that. This slow-tempo track contains enough power to keep you awake. Take a listen above and look out for more from Bryson Tiller. Video below.

One response to “Music| Listen To New Music From @BrysonTiller “Don’t””

  1. […] Wisely, Sango even took time to customize a Brazilian remix to friend Bryson Tiller‘s “Don’t” record. Sango and Bryson, have worked together on B.Tillers debut album T R A P S O U L with […]

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