Music| Listen To New Mixtape by SPZRKT & Sango – “Hours Spent Loving You”

• The history of SPZRKT and Sango is legendary amongst fans and critics but yet these two continue to release more amazing collaborated works. Newly released is the combined talents of Grand Rapids, Michigan producer Sango and Georgia born vocalist SPZRKT on the EP Hours Spent Loving You. This collection of devoted mixes that intertwine  with earthly relationship issues, is touching on the emotional aspects of love in the natural and spiritual. Better explained by label Soulection,

“Hours Spent Loving You is a summation of how relationships are viewed both earthly and heavenly. This project was created for the people who have deeply supported SPZRKT & Sango. So in return, they felt it was right by giving thanks, and allowing these people to understand their stories in and out. Enjoy.”

Not sure to categorize this as Gospel or Inspirational, but we can all agree it’s A1. SPZRKT x SANGO needs to be placed on a blimp for this one. We can not wait for the live performance of this. Music is finally getting a gospel touch that is not just bearable but overly disport. This is one great way to spread a message.


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