Footwear| Stash x Reebok ZPump Fusion & Insta Pump Fury Road


• Even though it’s been a cold start to Spring, the time has come where our colorways needs to lighten up. Lats year this time, Reebok invested alot of their focus on one specfic style, the Insta Pump Fury. This year’s emphasis is geared on two silhouettes: the ZPump Fusion and the Insta Pump Fury Road. Paying homage to the art world, Reebok reaches out to NYC graffiti artist Stash, to lend his steady hand in design for these releases. Both styles are given the time-honored paintsplatter effect over a black base, making these not the easiest kicks to pull off, but if you’re a fan of bold colors and retro styling then they’ve got both bases covered.

These Pairs Will Be Released This Month.

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