Music| New Song “Can I” by Drake feat. Beyonce & Sal Houdini

• The very beginning of the year Drake pulled what is claimed to be the “Beyonce” when he decided to release a secret mixtape (“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”), which many believed to be his album for 2015. Mistaken but fans were later informed that the Drake intended album Views From The 6. would still be released this year and to give a snippet of what is to come, OVO’s captain releases the new single “Can I“. The song opens up with vocals from the soulful singer Sal Houdini who also recieves a verse space towards the end of the song. Beyonce, whom worked with Drake on the popular song “Mine” returns the favor here as she features her vocals. Even though Mrs.Carter’s offering is minimal is makes the statement that keeps the songs purpose alive. Drake does what he is here to do a covers the brooding bassline and stabbing synth production with witty lyrics with his usual harmonic tone.


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