Art| Artist Richard Prince Sells Other People’s Instagram Pictures for $100,000


• The influence social media has made globally and in a short time is mind-blowing and to watch it infiltrate genres such as Art makes the mobile platform that much more potent. Artist Richard Prince meshes the two fields with his latest exhibition “New Portraits” located at Gagosian Gallery in New York. The collection of fresh canvasses feature the screen-shot photos of multiple random Instagram users. Basically the portraits seen were not shot by Prince himself, but instead by everyday Instagram addicts who happen to take exceptional photos. The idea alone is genius but the expo has raised eyebrows and questions since Richard Prince has set his sells price for the select pieces at nearly $100,000 a piece. Another issue some see is the lack of permission Richard has been given to use these photos.

Now To Our Readers We Are Curious To Know How You Feel About This From An Art Perspective and A Legal One. Is This Fair?


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