Music| Stream New EP ‘Swim Team’ by @SorryKhary

• Reigning from Providence, Rhode Island is a diverse, lyrical and energetic rapper by the name Khary Durgans, who has just released his latest EP titled “Swim Team“. As many humorous puns that we can develop just from that title, the hard-hitting EP is what Khary will consider a huge stepping stone later in his highly anticipated career. Khary is not a new name to the industry or to a stage, as he has performed for many big names at some of the most renown venues. This compilation of well crafted productions lends plenty of space for Sir Durgans to stretch his lyrical muscles and when you don’t believe he is as good as he sounds, you notice features from popping names like Rome Fortune, Opus Proper, Smithsoneon, Etc. This EP pays homage to the supporting cast that stands behind Khary and the creativity that we are witnessing. Overall the EP itself serves as a great 6-track collection that tells a deep but brief story about coaching your way to higher levels and of course women.


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