Music| Stream The New Self-Tilted @11_11music EP “11:11” Now


• Toronto is on a rampage when it comes to delivering new sensational music and sounds as they have surfaced as the mecca for trance and R&B music these days. A new name runs across our table and we plug in our headphones, turn the music to a deathly blaring point, and tune into one of Toronto‘s new vocal sensations who goes by the unique name 11:11. The numbers we are sure are super sentimental to the artist, but traditionally this combination of numbers on your clock symbolizes Good Luck. From what is supplied on the self-titled EP ‘11:11‘, the young singer has luck already on his side. That luck comes accompanied by great production, intense writing and a vocalist who can keep your musical ear entertained.

The seven song EP comes equipped with stories of seduction, satisfaction, security and if played at the right moment can be so rewarding. Smooth in sounds, but fierce in message, each track is captivating which lets us know time in the studio was well spent. A few of our favorites are “West Side” which plays perfectly towards that Toronto trance that has been overly developed in the past few years. Another hit according to us is “My Bish” which 11:11 states his claim of the women that has his interest. The production quality of this entire EP is epic and 11:11 is responsible for a few of those tracks himself. Overall The EP Is Worth A Listen!


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